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Vangev Enterprise Pty Ltd is a family run business and base our culture on the principles of safe behaviors, customer focus, development of our people and living our values, remaining lean and competitive and generating new business.

We believe in forging strong relationships with our customers and working with them to achieve goals.

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of safety and actively contribute towards reducing adverse effects on the natural environment.

At all levels, our people are the heart of our company and they always will be, because there’s something fundamental that unites us in a common cause: every one of us is working to delivery exceptional customer service. That means our people are the key determinant of our continuing success.

Our standards Vangev Fleet logo

tick iconHonesty

tick iconAim to satisfy customers every time

tick iconChallenge and improvement

tick iconSafety of our people , our customers, the public and the environment

tick iconAct as a team

tick iconMeasure success through sustainable profit



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