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The "Vangev Enterprise" team has millions of good reasons to be smiling working with Us and In its current incarnation.
We had millions of opportunity, taking it to an unprecedented level of popularity.

A proper framework for employee who seeking the best of the best.

If you're interested or seeking job in a trucking/logistics business, you're on right place.

key values to help us make choices and decisions:

tick icon Teamwork: Working towards a common goal in a collaborative, inclusive manner.

tick icon Mutual Support and Respect: Being available, respect for others’ opinions, time, feelings and by use of appropriate language.

tick icon Individual Accountability: Accepting responsibility, a sense of urgency, an eye for detail and a "can do" attitude.

tick icon Courage - Having the courage to challenge change and strive for more than we thought possible yesterday.

tick icon Safety and environment - 100% commitment to the safety of our people , our customers, the public and the environment.




Upload your resume

Use Our Contact Page to upload and send your resume to Us.

If we don’t have a current opportunity that suits, we’d still like to hear from you and we’ll keep you in mind for any potential future roles that come up.

Your Resume Information and all your details are strictly confident and will not be used or share by any third parties or promotions.



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